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members of local navy seal who lost his life. and a convention set to get underway the democratic convention, on tuesday. we have the latest from the campaign trail. in a train derailed in ellicott city, md., and another train and jumps the tracks. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. >> a fallen abc all from maryland will be honored in his home town tomorrow. it has been an emotional time, and emotional weekend, for the navy seal, and richard reeve has more on his life and how he
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died. >> there will they say he was passionate about his profession his country in his new love. he was killed on august 16, and now, this fallen warrior is coming home, and they will honor his return. in maryland, along the south river. >> we cannot help but think of how many lives are it is a world away from the battlefield in afghanistan. >> it is sad. he definitely gave his life. >> they will honor one of the fallen -- >> it takes an incredible amount of bravery. >> feeks was killed when his helicopter crashed while fighting with insurgents in afghanistan. feeks' grieving family spoke
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about his dedication and love of country. >> in afghanistan with his platoon. it is what he had been trained to do. he was doing good work. he was just proud and very, very happy. >> he had been a navy seal since 2008, in afghanistan since last year. >> this is why we are here. >> will be coming home, and they will have a procession. >> it is good to remember the guys who sacrificed their lives for our country. >> they will have american flags to honor the passing of patrick feeks. >> to just come out and show respect for what they a doing
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in have done and their professional sacrifice. >> there will be a viewing for patrick on tuesday. there will be a funeral service on wednesday. he will be buried with full military honors at arlington national cemetery. in the newsroom, richard reeve abc 7 news. >> all right richard, thank you. switching gears the rain is having an effect on some plants but the national symphony was supposed to return to the west lawn at the capital for its traditional concert. instead, they are the kennedy center. they will perform but in a much drier climate. currently, all of this rain is not letting up. let's get more from neurologists steve rudin here is standing by. steve? >> rain is coming and more is an expected into the day tomorrow. taking a look at our storms, the heaviest activitysouthern virginia
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has dried out just a little bit around here. looking at the live super doppler radar, areas shaded in red, st. mary's county, you have a flash flood warning until 5:45. earlier downpours from our earlier this afternoon causing some probl most of the rain has ended at least for the time being. we do have more rain on the way but so far today about seven tenths of 1 inch in alexandria. about one-quarter of an inch in woodstock and in annandale. taking a look at the forecast for this evening cloudy skies, maybe a little sunshine and we have a little bit of sunshine as we speak in arlington. isolated thunderstorms possible, with temperatures falling into the 70's. the rest of the holiday weekend forecast and beyond, and if you like rain and like clouds you will be happy, over the next few days. >> all right, steve thank you.
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well the democratic national convention is about to kick off but first, what can you expend from charlotte? >> the election is just two months away. and they must now make an impression. last week, it was mitt romney having a time to shine. now, president obama is trying to see if he deserves another four years. >> president obama is now keying -- visiting key states in an effort to shore up support. >> we know we still have a lot of work to do to get to where we need to be but we will get there. >> charlotte, n.c., is where the democrats are hoping it will get done. one man says they must listen to the message that the obama economic message has failed this nation and slowed economic growth.
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>> when you have over 8% unemployment, you have to see. >> he says there are some on some economic accomplishments. >> financial reform, credit card reform. >> a white house adviser puts it this way. >> i think everybody understands we were this close to a depression. we stated that off. we have a lot more work to do. >> so, charlotte is going to be a busy place with about 6000 attending the democratic national convention. there will be more gay and lesbian activists. labor literalist -- leaders will have a big role. i am stacey cohan abc 7 news. >> thank you, stacey. a 17-year-old, daniel borowy,
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was injured and being treated at the shock trauma center in baltimore after one others to open fire last week. they are asking for prayers for his family. the church has been raising money to help cover medical expenses and police in prce george's county are asking for your help to find a man in a stock a -- who shot a store clerk. they say he refused to hand over cash. the clerk is recovering with non-life-threatening injuries. and tomorrow the anniversary of v.j. day honoring veterans and those who lost their lives at the world war ii memorial this morning. wreaths were placed at the
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freedom wall where gold stars commemorate the more than 400,000 americans who gave their lives during the war. >> the generation won that war and they not only say to that nation, -- they said the world. >> there was the signing ceremony that occurred on board the uss missouri. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 another derailment for the train company csx. and penn state took to the field for the first time this season. hurricane isaac's
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>> it has happened again, another csx train derailed. at least one tumbled into a neighborhood backyards hitting a utility pole, and knocking out power for thousands of people. the accident happened early this morning. as you can imagine, it was quite a wake-up call. just last month, a csx train derailed killing two college students in our area. and not exactly a but coach hoped things would go but 24- 14 and the coach rushed off the
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field. the players are taking the loss in stride. a report from state college. >> after a well documented challenging few months for the university and the college town, this was to mark a new chapter a new era. unfortunately, it starts with a disappointing loss to underdog at ohio university. the long season, just one bump in the road. >> we are extremely happy to get out there and play football. obviously, we are not happy with the result. we have got a lot of football left 11 games to go. >> it was very emotional for us and for everybody in the stadium. we just have to keep on going, and i know the support will be there. >> i just want to get out on the field and play some football again. you know, you can really change
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what goes on. it is the community and us as players. >> not only is the coach taxed with replacing the legendary coach joe paterno, he is facing more challenges. after a stunning loss to ohio university there is more among the players and the community. >> thousands more are being evacuated after the aftermath of hurricane isaac. here is the latest from new orleans. >> ambulances raced through the streets, helicopters above and the call to get out. >> an immediate evacuation. >> 5 days after isaac roared across the shores, and others
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are still being told to leave. this time, it is a locke that is under so much pressure, it is possible to send water through several communities. >> all across the gulf coast, most are cleaning up and lining up for water and ice. >> head on. >> hundreds of thousands have been without power in this oppressive heat for 5 days. in parts of hard hit placquemines parish, the only way home is by boat. this is new video of the coastal parish's left bank, drowning so many homes. one man rescued many of his neighbors as the waters rose and now he is taking them back to save the little they have.
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>> thankful. >> abc 7 news, new orleans. >> and are we still getting some of the impact of isaac? >> yes the remnants, that will be tomorrow, tuesday even into wednesday, so not a very fast- moving system. >> and this is a watered-down version of it. >> yes. outside, the sunshine. in roslyn, you can actually see your shatter if you are walking outside. we are going to look for mclouth to continue to thicken. during the overnight hours we will see some pop up showers and maybe some heavy downpours. last night it picked up over 1.5 inches of rain at reagan national airport making it the wettest day this year. dew point temperatures in the low 70's. that is why it feels muggy and
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uncomfortable outside. temperatures across the board about 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. dulles made it up to 83. winchester was at 81. wtop radio in upper northwest washington d.c., the current temperature 81 degrees. it is 73 in ocean city. i promise you that it was not going to be a good beach day and they have had about half an inch of rain about two tenths of an inch of rain in annandale. 77 at this hour in gaithersburg, 82 in frederick. the heat and the humidity, it is out there. national at 83 atlanta at 88 but the cooler air off to the north and east look at caribou maine. the area of pressure this is what is left of isaac.
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it will slowly move in our direction over the next few hours. tomorrow lots of cloud cover showers, areas of heavy rain, some thunderstorms. we are not expecting anything to become severe, but some of the downpours have the potential to create localized flooding. st. mary's county looking at a flash flood warning for about another half hour or so. the raids for the most part have stopped for the time being. they move through the late over nine hours into tomorrow morning. -- the reins for the most part have stopped. -- the rains have stopped. we are going to look for the showers and storms to continue. by wednesday it should start to ease up just a little bit but the clouds will stay in the forecast. 67 to 74 for an overnight low. be prepared for some patchy fog in the morning. otherwise, around 80 degrees
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tomorrow. the extended outlook shows our skies clearing by thursday, and saturday the models indicate that we may be looking at another system picking up some more clouds, but right now a little bit of sunshine. looking better by the end of the week but tomorrow, labor day barbecues and picnics maybe some rain. >> that is the last full weekend for the pool. coming up, plenty of new jobs being created so why are people not interested in taking them? in an emotional day as members of our military are sent to the persian gulf. and new deta when we switched to
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>> well, despite our slow economy, new jobs have been created, but they may not be that desirable. a new survey shows that many of the jobs created are low-wage jobs. that same report shows 60% of jobs that were lost during the recession or mid-wage jobs that paid between $14 to $21 per hour. this is a finding from the department of labor that shows that more than half the workers who lost jobs during the recovery found new jobs that paid less. some areas should be part of the american airlines family the company currently in talks with
5:22 pm
u.s. airways. they say it may create new airline heavyweight capable of competing with delta and united airlines. in california, families giving an emotional goodbye for their loved ones heading out on an eight-month deployment to the persian gulf. the guided missile cruiser is on its way to the middle east. it will be joined by an aircraft carrier from washington state as part of the military plan to keep two ships in the gulf. >> the family support in san diego is the best i have ever seen. you can see here on the pier, everyone has shown up. it is an early departure, but everyone is a part of this group. >> there are the enterprise and eisenhower returning. and an air crash in iowa.
5:23 pm
crashing the soviet-era jet in a field, and the air show is continuing. they are now investigating. as we report, the spectators, some are still shaking. >> the jets in tight formation rumble over the crowd at the iowa airshow. it is a beautiful sight but in a matter of seconds -- >> oh, my god! >> something went dreadfully wrong. >> it crashed1 >> this home video covered it all. the pilots go into complicated maneuvers, switching places in mid-air, but one of the pilots seems to lose control. >> oh, no! >> ladies and gentlemen please keep your seat. >> a massive fireball and then just smoke. >> it went down into the ground
5:24 pm
and then burst into flames. i knew more than likely that he would not have survived. >> the smoking wreckage of the soviet-arid jet used by a group of war plane enthusiasts. they grieve the loss of one of their own. witnesses say it is a disturbing memory. >> it was very emotional. i was actually filling it with my camera, so it was surprising. >> taking a look at stories making news around the world now, people in hong kong turned up to protest a book that the government is introducing in schools across china, which includes statements calling the china ruling party as selfless. also other terms. it also cited the united states. a muslim cleric is behind bars in pakistan after police say he planted evidence against a christian girl. the iman handed evidence say
5:25 pm
the girl burned papers containing verses of the koran and the girl has a release hearing scheduled for tomorrow. and ethiopians are remembering their long-serving prime minister today could lead the country from 1991 until his death over one week ago. he was known as a leader who worked tirelessly to stamp out poverty, and at least 20 african presidents came to the ceremony. he died of an infection at the age of 57 years old. there were heavy clashes in syria as government forces battled opposition fighters in various cities. at least 162 people died across the war-torn country tomorrow, according to activists and refugees are pouring into neighboring turkey and the
5:26 pm
prime minister is calling for a no-flight zone over the area. a report. >> so far, turkey has absorbs about 80,000 refugees about two under thousand people fleeing syria, and many crossing the border into syria are going into well-established camps like this one at the border that provide a relatively decent amount and shelter, food, and water, and some are housed in schools inside turkey. the turkish schools are about to start up in another two weeks so the government has built more. there are schools and government buildings. they will be moving to those new camps. however, there are thousands piling up at the border liberally, and across the border inside syria that border. now controlled by the freeze syria army. one man there described the conditions there.
5:27 pm
-- now controlled by the freed syria are made. -- the free syria army. they say there are about 8000 people waiting at that border area, as well as a thousand or so waiting to come to turkey. the processing has been quite slow. there is a lot of frustration. the concern in turkey is if you allow those to cross over quickly, more will come to flood in. the turkish government cannot deal with those numbers. they were saying that they want the u.n. security council members to come here and see, get an idea what they are like, and they want better security provided. this is of the syrians rather crossing into turkey they can be supported inside syria. that area is now controlled by the free syria army. they are looking for a no-fly
5:28 pm
zone in that area, and right now, there seems to be no international appetite. some refugees are piling up, waiting to cross into turkey. cnn, at the border crossing at the turkish-syrian border. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 victims are afraid it can happen again. also, the latest from the campaign trail with the democratic national convention preparing to get under way. and the bad weather has already changed some holiday plans.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> our top stories at 5:30, a local navy seal who lost his life. he will be laid to rest on wednesday. also the democratic national convention is set to begin tuesday in charlotte but things are starting to heat up. and there was another csx train derailment, this time in chicago. but first, let's take a look at the weather outside. steve? >> looking at our abc 7 live super doppler radar, the rain has come to an end, at least for now, and that is good news.
5:32 pm
the flash flood warning for st. mary's county has now cancelled out about 50 minutes ahead of schedule. in petersburg, some light showers that were trying to develop. all of the other activity down by the delmarva peninsula. it has been a nasty cloudy wet day for the last big weekend at the beaches. taking a look at our latest watches and warnings for you the flash-flood warning, as we mentioned, has now come to an inch. there is a potential for some flash flooding into the day tomorrow. heavy rains. kendis? >> a rash of home invasions have some district residents on edge. they held up occupants at gunpoint. we spoke with some of the victims who are afraid it might happen again. >> she was defenseless when a
5:33 pm
couple of young men rushed into her apartment friday afternoon. >> they came in with guns. they had guns and everything. he knocked me out of the chair. he knocked me over the coffee table and he said, "where is the money? where is the money?" and i said "i do not have any money." >> they took not only the contents of her wallet but also her peace of mind. >> i have never had anything like that happen. i am 75 years old. >> but on friday, it happened three times, once in northeast, and then about 15 minutes later in another location, and just before 2:00 a.m. on the 22 lauterbach of hartford street. -- 2200 block of hartford
5:34 pm
street. >> it scares you. >> police are looking into things and they say the thieves are looking for anything of value. residents fear that the invasions will not stop until the man behind them are behind bars. >> people are very concerned. nobody would want to get hurt over things that make no sense. >> cynne simpson abc 7 news. >> in politics, the senior campaign adviser of mitt romney took to the airways to attack the obama economic record. they were looking for those who may have voted for the president back in 2008 but who are disappointed now. that of course, is clint eastwood talking with an invisible president obama. the romney agent also said he
5:35 pm
did not speak about the war because the former governor did so the day before while at the american legion. the president is not taking things too seriously. he told "usa today", "if you are too easily offended you probably need another profession." and in charlotte north carolina, the dnc kicks off at the time warner arena, but the president's big speech thursday is going to be outdoors at the bank of america stadium the home of course of the carolina panthers. organizers are expecting about 65,000 people to fill the stadium for the speech. an attorney for a former navy seal says his client did not violate military secrecy about writing a book about osama bin
5:36 pm
laden. using a pen name he is confident he did not disclose confidential information in the book but one army general said it should have been cleared first. >> what you can control is this is an incredibly talented seal, who is incredibly talented, that he did this without getting the appropriate approval or redaction. the mission he was on was secret classified by the cia. >> the author was warned last week that he had violated secrecy agreements and they are considering action against the seal and the publisher. the book is set to be released on tuesday. on metro is weekend you can expect some delays. the red line will be sharing
5:37 pm
and another will be having reconstruction. the blue line will also be single tracking between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. the work will last through closing monday and a reminder, trains are operating on a sunday schedule tomorrow, which means the stations will not open up until 7:00 a.m. an air traffic at all three airports is back to normal. this is proof that just about anything can cause a delay. there was a small fire at a refrigerator at a relay center in warrenton virginia. nobody was injured the fire was put out, and the flights were only delayed about 20 minutes. coming up, an endangered species is a fighting for survival.
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>> ok, we are talking red pandas now. on the edge of extinction, they are spotted on a narrow area of land. going on search of the illusive red panda. >> when the children press their noses up to the glass
5:41 pm
captivated by these adorable red panda club -- cubs they are staring into the face of a mystery. why is this animal which once roamed the vast regions of the earth, now on the brink of extinction and can it save these creatures before they are gone forever? our search for crews takes us to the other side of the world, to a small sliver of the planet, where in the panda's can still be found in the wild. this is in india. this is best known for growing some of the world's finest tea. but even though this is the natural habitat, a zoo is still the best plant -- best place to see one, face to face. >> it is a very rare. >> this is to is one of the most successful areas in the world. the team's two, hoping they
5:42 pm
would make a love connection and maybe someday, the offspring can be returned to the wild, but even if this particular matchmaking attempt is successful the zookeeper's are very worried about what they called the red panda cars. they look right at you. >> because of this cute looking face hundreds of animals have been taken over. >> as far as we know, the only place the red panda lives is here in the region along the himalaya mountains. but for reasons that scientists do not fully understand, this evidence has surfaced in a very surprising place. here in the blue ridge mountains of tennessee. >> needless to say, i was not expecting a red panda. >> they have on earth prehistoric turtles, saber tooth
5:43 pm
cats and potbellied rhinos. but nothing at surprise them more than what they dug up a few years ago. >> a panda tooth. >> this links to the ones living today a world away. >> they were much more widespread a long time ago. >> it was probably much larger, about the size of a mountain lion and thriving in the thick forest found here. one theory raccoons moved in and started competing for the same food. >> they are pretty curious. >> will luck of the red panda is running out fast. they believe there are less than 10,000 left in the wild, and that makes the matchmaking in india even more critical as this adorable creature, haunted by
5:44 pm
its good looks, fights for its very survival. >> are they really that cute? >> anyway nothing cute about the weather. >> as we wind down the holiday weekend, let me tell you ocean city rehoboth, it has been a washout. some rays of sunshine as we go through the last couple of hours, here in arlington and fairfax. it really did not amount to all law. the winds have died down. the highs today 82 in frederick, and bw what marshall it made it up to 82. even with the cloud cover 80's. there is hardly any rain to speak of today. 77 degrees the current temperature after a high of 80.
5:45 pm
they had just a touch of rain and about one-quarter of an inch in woodstock. earlier today. the current temperature 81. temperatures across the board will go through the evening hours, 79 with winchester still hanging onto the lower 80's, and this is cooler drier air well to the north and east of us. temperatures are only in the 60's this hour. plenty of warmth out to the west. minneapolis looking at 86 degrees. and cooler temperature in indianapolis. this is associated with isaac and it continues to spin and spin. we have cloud cover. here, you can see this, moving to the east. clouds in our forecast. tomorrow tuesday even into wednesday, and some heavier showers and thunderstorms
5:46 pm
expected during the day tomorrow, and by tuesday it will start to ease a little bit. for delmore and the beaches down into dewey some showers on the way over the next couple of hours. .the flash flood warning st. mary's county most of the raid has come to end. the futurecast bill will paint a cloudy and what future for the day tomorrow, labor day, with temperatures hovering around the 80-degree mark -- the futurecast paints a cloudy and wet to -- day tomorrow. no need for the sunglasses. temperatures will jump to the mid to upper 80's. nighttime lows will be in the 70's. so enjoy the drier conditions
5:47 pm
for the next couple of hours. >> maybe we will have time to hit the pool. >> yes. >> let's switch to sports and to tenants. >> a big match, because in 2003 a young american one there. who was it? it is not over until it is over, at least for one tennis star.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> a wild card and it was just a matter of time until st. louis got a win. today, stephen strasbourg, it was a strikeout. they try to do this and it was not a good idea. what cannot harper do? and there is one deep to right. his second homer as a national. and 1-0 nationals. but the cardinals to tie it at 2.
5:51 pm
up the middle. roger scores. the nationals win a tough game. >> all of these games are big games, and we played a really good upon it that has a chance to be in october. >> the yankees hosting the nose. reynolds crushes one to deep left. it is gone. a solo shot. and it is 2-1, yankees. top of the six instant replay. reynolds. pretty much the exact same place. it is not broke, do not fix it. the orioles win. and clinton portis since then, there has really not been a steady starting back for the redskins. going into mike shanahan's office. keeping at it.
5:52 pm
hightower was sent to the injured reserve. out of nowhere, this year another exiled in camp. overall, each running back bring something very different to the table. >> they are proven players and what i mean by proven, i like what i have seen. each guy has got a little bit different quality. it will be interesting to see these guys compete. >> rice wants to be all purpose. he wants to rush for 1,000 yards and get 1,000 yards receiving. >> where are you in your career? you have accomplished so much in your four years that you have been here already. >> you get over the contract's stuff. i am focused on one goal.
5:53 pm
when you know you have got one of your best friends, mentor, a teammate a young guy like me has no choice but to give more when i am out there. but i am playing for my teammates, ray lewis stubbs, the guys that have built the foundation here. we joe flacco, we were just drafted in. we played our dues to take it to another level. >> you can hear much more of that interview tuesday night at 8:00 right here on abc 7 on our special. andy roddick's career is not over, as he is advancing from the fourth round of the u.s. open. not yet.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> well, this campaign season has been brutal, but the kids do not take everything personally. mitt romney was doing some polling on the plane. members of the media pool rode a question for him and he rolled a response back. an "l.a. times" reporter asked
5:57 pm
who would play obama, and there was the answer. >> all right are you ready to take a look at the extended outlook? we have some not so pretty weather, but as we go through the next seven days, things will start to improve. it will be wet on monday and then the same into wednesday, highs in the upper 80's, and then skies will clear. as some models indicate, unsettled weather. but for now, we will keep it on the optimistic side temperatures around 82 to 83 degrees. >> all right that will do it. "abc world news" is up next.
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